Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mojadaso Maxbillions R.I.P 4/24/75-4/29/08

Everybody who ever met my brother knows that he was one of the best to ever do it!!! Not because he was born into a family where greatness was not only a goal but an expected destination...not because he gained early honors and distinction in the classroom as well as on the track by dusting off his competition like his tests and exams (scoring an unheard of 1600 on his SAT's)...not because he used his physical talents and intellect to gain a track and field scholarship to Syracuse University...not because of the Nupes!...not because he tired of track and only went on to gain, first a bachelor in Engineering, then later a law degree...not because he used his shrewd business sense to buy and remodel a Brooklyn brownstone (affectinately known as "1513") while most of us were still trying to rent some shit...not because he got shit poppin (some nights in the most literal sense) and showed BK how a country boy from Atlanta could spread love too!...not because he brought "the arts" straight to the walls and cleared space in the house for the first of many NOBBQ artshow/BBQ/party/extravaganzas; later taking it from a art/house party, to a much anticipated bi-annual event with community support, free art workshops for kids, swag gift bags for event attendees and corporate sponsorship ( look it up!)...not because he continued to excel in life without making excuses...well maybe thats exactly what it a time when excuses are not only the norm, but most often applauded, Max was to put it in one word: responsible. He was all the things you want and need in a brother and early on I knew he was a person who the world would be indebted to for his impact. He was a suceeder; a person who everyone expected to be successful. And it was the way in which he excelled in life, by not making anyone he came in contact with feel belittled or inadequte in the presence of his greatness. He was a man of the people who was so unlike the people in his acheivements. He acheived so often with such a frequency, in such a short time that his passing has left a void in which there is no means, possibility or attempt of replacement...His screen-name on his myspace page was "K!ng Sh!t". Now when I think about it, I realize that he was a king among men. We miss you, bro! Viva los Treps!