Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scott Campbell: Cash Rules...

Downtown New York’s favorite tattoo artist, Scott Campbell has a new show up at the Shop at Lazarides. Using real dollar bills and a few laser beams, he’s coming up with some amazing pieces.
Check out more of Scotts work at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn.
(words and pics via www.dqmnewyork.com)

Viva Los Treps!!!

Je t'aime...moi non plus

Kevin put me on to Serge Gainsbourg.

Serge was so over the top...told Whitney he wanted to pop on live television (albeit a bit inebriated)...jane birkin to bridget bardot...famously recorded himself making love to a very famous married actress...took a foray into Reggae that ended with him making enemies of Bob Marley...all the while being one of the least aesthetically pleasing "macks" of all time! :)

I drew a pic of Serge in '06. Recently I was visiting some of my fave blogs and ran across http://drawserge.blogspot.com/, an illustrative tribute to the late, great Gainsbourg curated by Jonathan Edwards. I sent the pic to Jonathan and he most graciously posted my pic along with a short blurb. I was happy to see the blue ink Serge among the other artist submissions, proud even...

On Monday I found an email from Mr. Edwards regarding the pic I submitted...the pic was published in a Brazillian Magazine!

Viva Los Treps!!!
(a gift for anyone who can translate into English)


Life is funny...sometimes when you question things, answers present themselves. Lately, I have been questioning my being...you know, the age old question, "Why am I here?" I am an artist, however I work a "day" job in finance. My job is pretty nice and I like the people I work with. My manager is cool and I have little to no problems in my day-to-day operations. So, what's the problem...? The problem is as follows:
I want to do the thing that I was put on this planet to do. Create. It is very simple for me...however with a mortgage and the economy in it's present state, a 2nd grader in private school and a bun in the oven...things are not that simple. As I am typing this, the head of HR comes to my office requesting something work related. I casually turn around to answer her question and realize the ultimate reason for this post...I gotta get the fuck outta here before I turn into one of "them". After explaining the reason for the delay, she responds in her annoyingly always pleasant voice and smiles. I know she can see through me, but I have better things to do, right? Right! So now with HR off my jock I turn to matters more important...
I WILL create!

Viva Los Treps!