Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dom Kennedy & Action Bronson = M.I.F.W. (music I fux wit)

I been seeing Dom Kennedy and Action Bronson doin they respective things on the net. I think they both represent the same type of resurgence in lyricism and creativity that is present in Hip Hop right now.
Dom Kennedy is so fuckin cool on the mic. His style is like Tribe Called Quest growing up in Los Angeles (if that makes any sense). He has a every-man sound in his voice that reminds me of 90's era Hip Hop. Dom Kennedy's video "Locals Only" off his mixtape "...From The Westside With Love" is understated cool at it's finest...

Action Bronson is a fuckin maniac on the microphone! The elephant in the room is his uncanny resemblance with a certain Staten Island emcee. I would like to see what Ghost thinks of Action Bronsonelli? His video "Shiraz" shows a rapper who wants people to know who he is. He is open, affable and off this video alone, I fux wit dude.

Viva Los Treps!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Re:Form School, a REDU project - Screenprinting x HipHop Workshop = Creative Heaven

A few weeks ago I signed the kids up for a screenprinting workshop taught by the art duo known as FAILE. The day of the workshop Lil Charnier, Jasmin, Deandre and I jumped on the train and trooped to the Mott Street location.

We arrived and were welcomed like VIP attendees, the kids were really impressed by the setup. And I saw that look in their eyes.

On October 9-11, an old school that was no longer in use, was transformed into an art gallery/creative space. The Re:Form School included the artwork of over 150 artists. In the old principal's office was a giftshop in which old children's books had been reshaped into sketchpads. There were also drawings and prints on sale by some of the artists featured in the show. Each purchase from the giftshop was accompanied by a toy from the artist team FriendsWithYou (the young lady working the register gave us a box to split between the kids, thanks again).

The artists FAILE, along with the couple who run one of my favorite blogs about street art, WOOSTER COLLECTIVE hosted the screenprinting workshop in the old cafeteria. The kids were shown screenprinting techniques by FAILE and their magnificent assistant. The kids were able to create a poster to hang in the space and a poster to take home, along with a gift bag that included pencils, notepads, a sketchbook, tshirt, stickers and other creative projects.
YouTube Video

YouTube Video
While the screenprinted posters dried, we walked around the school and saw the whole exhibit. There was really a lot of work in the space. WK Interact showed some sweet skateboard sculptures in the room with a wooden bus sculpture and floor to ceiling drawings.

Marc Ecko put some presidential busts in the show and the kids knew who all the faces were. There was even art hung in the stairwells, and the neon piece with words from one of my favorite Eric B. and Rakim songs stole the show for me.

I'm into Bruce Nauman and the piece was very reminiscent of his work. A guy told us about all the activities going on over the course of the exhibit, including a breakdance class taught by the legendary Rock Steady Crew, a party hosted by BlackThought and ?uestlove of the equally legendary Roots crew and a hiphop class taught by recording artist Lupe Fiasco was being held on the 4th floor.

We ran up to the room and the session was just starting. The class was for teens but the good people from WorldUp let the kids attend the workshop. I enjoyed everyone but watching Jasmin, Dee and The Boy was a real treat.

They all seemed to be relaxed and participating in the discussion about music with older kids and adults. The group was split into teams for "production" and "writers". Charnier, Dee and Jasmin stayed with the production crew, led by the phenomenal DJ SpazeCraft and were shown how to use different instruments, the computer and other beat making machines to produce the track for which the writing group created the lyrics.
YouTube Video
The young people in the writing group were so gifted and Lupe Fiasco worked with them to create lyrics to illuminate and showcase their musical talents.
YouTube Video
Extra special shout out to all the people involved in putting together such an impactful event. I was in creative heaven and I was there with my lil ones enjoying all the energy flowing through the Re:Form School.

Viva Los Treps!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Arch Collective Pop-Up Shop

The three guys who run Arch Collective NYC are doin things the right way. Fly over to 18 Wythe Ave in Bushwick to check out their Pop-Up Shop if you don't believe me.

Viva Los Treps!!!