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Leisure Life NYC Presents: Grand Puba & Friends

"Step to the rear, Grand Pu is on arrival,
Raised in the ghetto singing songs called survival"

I wanted my favorite MC, Grand Puba to perform at our 2 Year Anniversary. It was just a thought. Like, if I could have someone perform, who would it be? 

I told one person and they half laughed at the idea. They wanted to know if I had a "connection" with Puba and when I said no, it was like one of those "good luck with that" looks.

i told another person and they dialed a number and handed me the phone and I spoke with Puba's manager.

That's my life...some people laugh at my ideas and then others help me bring my ideas to fruition. Even when people doubt or mock your efforts, you have to find the courage to be yourself and follow your instincts.

So, it is without further adieu that we invite all of our friends and family out to enjoy a night of celebration with musical performances by Grand Puba & Friends!!! Cocktails provided by Hendrick's Gin, wine provided by True Wine Connoisseur's. We have collaborated with Grand Puba and Sadat X (Brand Nubian) to create a limited edition Brand Nubian pin with PinTrill and we have also created limited edition T-shirts to be sold exclusively at the shop. We have a few more tricks up our sleeves and I don't want to let it all go...

If you are in the NYC area we would like to invite you out to Leisure Life NYC, 559 Myrtle Avenue on Friday, August 28th from 8-midnight for our 2 Year Anniversary.



(Once we reach capacity, list and doors will be closed)



Special shout outs:
@jamesthigpenjr, @fusegreen and @bobbyjoseph 
 (flyer design and consultation)
Grand Puba


Visit the online shop  

Bless and all the best,

The Captain

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