Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Treps on Tumblr

I heard Tumblr this and Tumblr that...then we got one! Check out the Trepapoalos on Tumblr!!!
Same focus and attention, more ignorance and swag (#fuckswag)!!!

Viva Los Treps!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Man OverBoard

Man Overboard

I watched
As my youth was charted
Like a highway route
Crossing all major neighborhoods
Pit stopping for the subterranean
In the hopes of discovering
The truth behind
"What's tough enough?"

As a child I was told,
Man up!
To me, that was tough.
Displaying masculinity with the 'cuffs
Shooting the five without the interrupts
Except that became my familiar route
To evaluate the measure of the toughness in my youth

Not tough enough is what
Got my mother cussed
When or if she protested

Got Ronnie Barnes killed
And big Ron's front teeth knocked out
After he was put into a sleeper hold

Tough enough
Got brothers snuffed for playing tough
Got sisters pushed for not being pushovers
Got friends locked up for protesting causes
Got neighborhoods removed
Then moved to somewhere else
A place some people call --
A better neighborhood

Tough enough
Got babies wanting to be grown before they grow.
Got men receding growth cause they can't envision the view.

Tough enough
Taught genders to switch roles
And, then disregard the meanings of such.
Removed the hearts of fathers
Causing them to forget to say I love you
In the morning afternoon or evening

Tough enough
Never taught me much
So how was I expected to know Tough enough could never be enough
When I was told,
Man up!

Viva Los Treps!!!

The Argument...

The Argument

The owner must be a fling!
Barely one seam
On these THINGS
No space
For a tag
Oh my God, what a skank!
Could wear
Such a THING
She continued to scream,
"They look like wire
For a
Circus contortionist
Are THESE!",
She repeated the order.
Must be yours he retorted
And then... she fumed,
Don't wear
Skanky THINGS!"
And with the resolve of a king,
A man possessed by a dream,
He replied:
Maybe u should