Thursday, May 12, 2016

Online Shop Update and Pintrill Grand Opening

Online Shop Update

Have you ever seen some mass produced piece of nonsense? One of those plasticky, strings-sticking-out-all-over-the-place, clearly-no-one-paid-attention-here pieces of corporate industry?
That's not luxury craftsmanship.
Luxury Craftsmanship is the vintage car that needs an oil change and a dust off to run like new or the straight razor with the carved ebony handle that's kept its sharp for 100 years. It's someone taking a giant creative risk, pouring all of his knowledge and resources into making a cap so fresh that it's causing a ruckus.
The LUX AF summer cap collection is the extraordinary and unique product of a single master craftsman's vision: handmade in Brooklyn from supple Italian goatskin, fine lambskin leather, Japanese linen and suede. Materials of this caliber never fade-they only grow more refined with age.
The multi colored pastel pinwheel cap pays homage to Easter Sunday outfits and linen shirts open to the third button, the colors of springtime. Made from Italian lambskin leather and goatskin leather and suede.
The baby blue and royal blue cap is made of blue skies and waves at the beach. It is the perfect partner for summer denim and chambray forays. Made from Italian lambskin leather. "You my boy, Blue!!"

The Beverly is a short-bill Japanese linen cap that pays homage to the silky front man of Maze, summer linen shirts open to the third button and happy feelings!! The Italian goatskin leather under-bill is another nod to the smooth soul singer. The chain-stitched "Life" is the subtle bling that sets this hat apart from the rest. This is luxury craftsmanship.



Pintrill: Grand Opening Private Party, May 4th 2016

We would like to wish our friends at Pintrill many blessings and much success as they embark on the opening of their first pin store in Brooklyn. Here are a few photos from the private opening for press, friends and family. 


(Photos via Colin Thierens)


The Captain

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